Digital Marketing Specialist

Gregarious, Curious, Problem Solver

Where It All Started

Growing up, Uriel learned from his family the importance of a great education and how it can help anyone succeed. His commitment to making connections with people from all walks of life fuels his passion for digital marketing today.

In The Early Days

Uriel spent his time in high school and undergrad working towards law school. He began his career working at a law firm where he discovered digital marketing as a paralegal and quickly found a deep bond with the work. Having previously studied sociology and law and never being exposed to marketing, he took it upon himself to learn the field with online courses. After a few years of working in marketing, he decided to fully switch gears from law and pursue an exciting career in digital communications.

What He Brings to the Table

His enthusiasm for learning opportunities, curiosity and adaptability makes Uriel adept with experimenting to find new opportunities to advance the work of Larson Communications’. Combining his love for technology and marketing, Uriel is skilled at various aspects of digital communications, including paid search advertising, paid social advertising, email marketing and marketing automation.

What Gets Him Up in the Morning

Uriel loves utilizing digital communications to create meaningful connections for organizations making a positive impact on the public and the communities they serve. He also enjoys making similar connections to expand his personal and professional horizons.

In His Spare Time

When not spending quality time with his two furry best friends, Toby and Casper, Uriel enjoys various forms of storytelling via movies, books and video games. He enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his friends and family and finding new restaurants to add to his bucket list.

Uriel earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.