Chief of Staff

Community builder. Keeps it simple. Always moving forward.

Where It All Started

As the son of an educator, Todd saw firsthand the challenges presented to teachers in the traditional classroom setting. Spending hours before and after school, and in the summers preparing for back-to-school, he witnessed the effort required by teachers to prepare the classroom and lesson plans for students with varying academic levels and needs.

In The Early Days

Todd’s passion for enriching the lives of kids moved him to start several nonprofit youth sports organizations in his local community, before transitioning into his first education role as an alternative learning school’s business manager. This first education role, followed by being a charter school leader, opened his eyes to the benefits of having multiple learning models available to families and ignited his desire to expand learning models and choices for families.

What He Brings to the Table

Over 16 years in education, working with charter schools, alternative learning schools, and schools of innovation across the United States. Todd has experience launching new schools, renewing schools, and working with public policy makers to inform legislation and rule that is best for kids. As a focused operations leader, he excels in organizational leadership, process improvement, and quality assurance of products and services.

What Gets Him Up in the Morning

There is so much possibility for improvement and innovation in our nation’s education system. Our children live in a modern world being educated in a mostly outdated model, not keeping up with the technological advances moving other industries forward. As leaders, we need to continue to push our thinking for what is possible in education, listen to industry leaders as to what skills, knowledge and experiences are needed in the workforce, and equally as important, listen to what students are telling us about their needs and experiences.

In His Spare Time

Get outside and be active! Todd enjoys exploration and adventure, spending time with his wife and two children hiking, biking and camping in the summers and snow skiing in the winters. He is also active as a volunteer coach for his children’s’ sports teams.

Todd earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Whittier College and a master’s degree in Project Management from Colorado Technical University.