Tw!st Studio : Branding Partner

Partner for 10+ years. Passionate about branding ed reform. Exceptionally creative.

Where It All Started

Suzanne’s love for potato chips and chocolate chip cookies, coupled with her mother’s uber healthy “daily cleanse” lunches, prompted a launching of her first design business in the 4th grade. Turns out, illustrated special order book covers made great trade currency for cookies and chips. Fueled by sugar and carbs, she had the energy to satisfy the regular line of customers in the school parking lot, who were waiting for her freshly drawn book covers. When people ask her, “When did start your design business?” she says, “When I was 9.”

In the Early Days

During the early years of her career, Suzanne developed original product ideas and managed a team creating licensed movie products for Media Arts Group. Her patented collectible movie ticket with an embedded film clip won contracts with Paramount, MGM, Universal Studios and Turner Entertainment. Next, she worked for packaging legend, Primo Angeli, and then ventured out on her own to start Tw!st Studio. A partnership with Larson was formed over 10 years ago when Gary Larson was at the helm of the California Charter Schools Association. Since the launch of Larson Communications, Tw!st Studio has been a strategic partner, creating compelling brands for Larson as they continue to gain recognition and strong messaging for their clients.

What She Brings to the Table

Suzanne is a known as a brand designer and innovator. She creates full brand experiences: brand strategy & naming, websites, product & packaging, promotional marketing, and character illustration – all ranging across services, consumer products, education, nonprofits, and personal brands. Her client list includes: Tony Robbins, PepsiCo, Expedia, Georgia Tech University, Summit Public Schools, Lucile Packard Foundation, Aspire Public Schools as well as over 30 education brands and over 75 startup brands.

The unifying thread in Suzanne’s work is “the tw!st,” her uncommon intuition and ability to uncover the soul and essence of each client’s brand, delivering it in a unique and unexpectedly clever way. Her work creates a memorable understanding of the essence of a client’s product or services. In an era when “me-too marketing” has led consumers to a new level of boredom, her wit and wisdom create delight among intended audiences, bringing resounding success to her diverse clients.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Sometimes people or companies need an epiphany, when they aren’t on their most empowered course. Suzanne lives for facilitating the moment of the ‘aha!’ that can shift the trajectory of an individual’s or an organization’s life – in an instant.

In Her Spare Time

She currently nurtures her personal creativity with a weekly actors workshop and local theater performances. In Summer 2018 she’s supporting actress in the MV Center for the Performing Arts comedy “JIVE”.  She is also a life long piano player and currently is learning to play jazz improvisation, a dream who’s time has come.

Suzanne has taught Advanced Graphic Design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and has also served as a judge for their yearly Senior Show. She has a B.F.A. degree with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena as well as a previous B.A. degree in Art & Illustration from Westmont.