Senior Account Executive

Advocate for equity in education. Passionate writer of long-form anything and short-form puns. Former teacher and recovering camp counselor.

Where It All Started

As the daughter of a public relations professor and a writer, the world of journalism and communications is one with which Sam is quite familiar (but please don’t ask her to solve a math problem). She spent countless hours of her childhood reading under the covers when she was supposed to be sleeping, and taking English classes way too seriously.

In The Early Days

Sam considered becoming a journalist while at USC (fight on), but pivoted once she got involved with an organization that provided tutoring and mentoring to students around Los Angeles, and fell in love with working with kids. She decided to act on that passion and pursue a career in education. After completing grad school across the pond, she began teaching 6th grade English and drama at a charter middle school, while also earning her teaching credential through an alternative route program. Though she loved working with the kids, she returned to the comms world after she realized she might be better equipped for more behind-the-scenes education work.

What She Brings to the Table

After spending a few years in D.C. working on the comms team for a research and policy organization, Sam has expertise in the intersection between the education and communications worlds. She used her teaching experience to aid her work in D.C. as she wrote and strengthened comms strategy, managed media relations, created and implemented social media strategy, and wrote/copyedited all forms of content, from newsletters to publications. Her understanding of education policy and advocacy, her experience in the classroom and her knowledge of public relations all bolster her drive to improve the education world for all students.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Her pup, Wally, whose enthusiasm for their morning walks is unparalleled, is a fantastic morning motivator. Plus, Sam’s commitment to hard work and love of the fact that this field yields real-world results that benefit students and their families makes the alarm a little less painful.

In Her Spare Time

Sam lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their dog, where they spend much of their time outside, exploring the city and its dog (and human) parks and trails. Sam is also an avid reader, a traveler, a member of the Peloton cult, and an extravert – she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Sam earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Southern California, a master’s degree in English in Education from King’s College London, and her teaching credential from Loyola Marymount University.