Account Supervisor

Powerful storyteller. Dreamer. Passionate about inspiring change.

Where It All Started

As the daughter of a public school learning consultant and a newspaper editor, Leah grew up with a keen understanding of crafting a poignant message — and the importance of proofreading. When she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy after losing her first tooth, the tooth fairy responded with grammatical edits.

In the Early Days

Always yearning to have an impact, Leah knew she wanted to contribute to the political realm. She began her career in Washington with the U.S. House of Representatives’ Radio TV Gallery, a nonpartisan liaison between Congress and the broadcast media. Much of her work was facilitating the development of high-profile events, such as the President’s annual State of the Union. In search of a broader perspective, she backpacked abroad for a year, traveling across six continents to learn from others’ stories.

After landing in Chicago, Leah started working on Governor JB Pritzker’s communications team on March 2, 2020, as the world was realizing the severity of the COVID pandemic. Throughout it all, she helped amplify the administration’s commitment to equity and the importance of investing in early childhood education.

What She Brings to the Table

With a proven record of successful public policy and public relations campaigns, Leah has a strong background in crisis communications. From her years on Capitol Hill to working for the State of Illinois, Leah has helped advise on senior leadership’s communications strategy and helped deliver critical messaging during extraordinary circumstances. She’s looking forward to applying her experience of working in high-stakes, high-pressure situations to LC’s mission.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Leah is most passionate about uplifting voices that have been traditionally silenced, especially for our youngest learners and their families. She knows that meaningful change starts with our schools, ensuring that every student has the tools to earn the quality education they deserve.

In Her Spare Time

With significant experience traveling abroad, Leah absolutely loves to wake up in a new city, with the entire city to explore. When in Chicago, you can find her cooking a nourishing meal for friends and family — inspired by spices and flavors from her travels.

Leah earned a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Dickinson College, and a master’s degree in Political Communications from Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs.