Senior Account Executive

Solution seeker. Dynamic storyteller. Empowering the human spirit.

Where It All Started

Kristin was raised with the phrase, “Readers are leaders.” As an elementary student, her love for reading led her to fly through most of The Royal Diaries, exploring the lives of phenomenal leading ladies like Cleopatra and Anacaona. This inspired her to start writing and keep reading about admirable leaders impacting the world.

In The Early Days

Kristin previously served as a communications associate for Bay Area nonprofits As You Sow and Responsible Sourcing Network, where she helped tell stories about shareholders advocating for corporate social responsibility. After raising awareness around issues like fracking, toxic chocolate and forced labor, Kristin chose to further sharpen her media skills at SutherlandGold Group, a boutique PR firm specializing in B2B and B2C companies creating innovative change.

While at SutherlandGold, Kristin assisted in launching new companies like Shapa and forming influencer programs for Doctor On Demand, Packagd and Vincross. Her favorite client, a national education technology company, piqued her interest in the state of education in America and drove her to pursue mission-driven work in the field of education.

What She Brings to the Table

Kristin has spent time volunteering overseas, particularly in post-conflict areas including South Africa, South Korea and the West Bank. Her passion for human rights issues fueled her fire for storytelling – particularly complex, multidimensional stories. Along with her experience in media relations and social media, she brings her excitement for storytelling to the influential work of Larson Communications.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Kristin sees quality education as a key solution to poverty alleviation and a fundamental aspect of providing lifelong opportunities for children to succeed. She believes that top-notch education is the cornerstone of a healthy community that fosters a culture of self-empowerment and continual growth.

In Her Spare Time

During her free time, you’ll find Kristin running by the beach, mountain biking or losing her balance in a yoga class.

Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from Azusa Pacific University.