Senior Account Executive

Creative thinker and passionate storyteller. Ambitious go getter with a can-do attitude.

Where It All Started

On the last day of Kindergarten, Jamilah’s teacher, Sister Marianne, gave her a box of books to read over the summer. She quickly took a liking to the book, “Golly Gump Swallowed a Fly,” and there began her love of reading and words. 

In the Early Days

She credits reading with opening up her world and empowering her to explore a variety of interests from childhood on. From marketing to public relations, teacher recruitment to student recruitment, and fundraising to external affairs, Jamilah has built her career on supporting schools in getting the resources they need to help children succeed. 

Most recently, she was the Public Information Officer for the Department of Juvenile Justice where she helped the department amplify its reform efforts and communicate to parents, youth, and staff important information about the COVID-19 pandemic.  

What She Brings to the Table

Jamilah has nearly a decade of experience in the Education Reform space. Her work has always entailed building strategic plans and creating compelling messages for a variety of external stakeholders. Her varied experiences have helped her grow skills in graphic design, marketing, media relations, and more. She’s excited to help education leaders and organizations across the country raise their visibility and positively impact the lives of students. 

What Gets Her Up in the Morning 

Creating change and empowering the next generation of leaders is one of her passions. She is driven by the idea that education is a driving force in positive outcomes for kids and that everyone deserves an opportunity to receive an exceptional education. 

In Her Spare Time 

Jamilah spends most of her time hanging with her husband and toddler son. She loves art, fashion, music, and reality TV shows. She’s also an avid Peloton-er and loves traveling, listening to audiobooks, and trying new restaurants. 

Jamilah earned her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.