Vice President

Creative thinker. Unique Storyteller. Granter of Wishes.

Where It All Started

Heather started her first professional storytelling endeavor in the fourth grade when she launched her “Dear Kitty Bobcat” advice column. Fueled by a love of stories and knowing how to put things in motion, by the time she was in sixth grade she found herself leading a team of students in the construction of a crawl through museum about Egypt, complete with artifacts and a scripted tour. And it wasn’t easy. This required negotiating time with the teacher and managing a team with lots of ideas – talents she still has, and uses to this day.

In the Early Days

Heather came to us as an award-winning reporter with eight years at the San Mateo Daily Journal, writing about education and city government. On the side, Heather freelanced and had her work showcased in publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle and Parenting on the Peninsula. Heather also has experience with technology company RingCentral, where she analyzed the competition’s online engagement and actions as part of their social media team.

What She Brings to the Table

Heather brings her passion to support the work of those improving the future of today’s youth. During her tenure at Larson Communications, Heather has quickly risen through the ranks, from Communications Manager to her current position as Vice President. Currently she heads up much of our Bay Area and national work. She represents organizations across the country–ranging from local charter networks to nationally renowned education technology organizations. Today, she’s an expert in personalized learning as well as school systems. She has the uncanny ability to find the unique angle in every story has helped her clients land prominent placements in media outlets such as The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, Fast Company, Denver Post, EdSurge, The San Jose Mercury News, The Huffington Post and The Associated Press.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

That’s simple: she loves telling stories that bring attention to those who are doing amazing work that change the lives of children. She believes fully in ensuring all children, not just her own child, have every opportunity to shape our world. She believes that all children should have access to supportive adults, to the programs and opportunities that will help them find their passion, and the enriching hands-on experiences that will spark curiosity to become life-long learners.

In Her Spare Time

Heather lives with her husband and son in the Bay Area. In her free time, she enjoys tasting the food and wine of California. She is also active with the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a long-time wish granter and member of the Young Professionals Advisory committee, where, as co-chair, she helped lead the group to a record fundraising goal of $250,000 in one year.

Heather earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in social science from San Francisco State University.