Account Supervisor

Visionary. Discerning. Dynamic. Accountable.

Where It All Started

At 7 years old, Flerine’s first paid gig was singing The Star-Spangled Banner for local community events. By 11 years old, her essay entitled “A Sudden Trip to the United States” was published in Patchwork America, The State Young Author’s Book by the North Carolina Reading Association. Amplifying multicultural voices and stewarding heritage has always been a call to which she responds.

In the Early Days

Over a decade of fieldwork in the tourism industry from NYC to LA developed Flerine’s PR savvy protecting and promoting travel, food and tech brands. From preserving the fading art heritage of an unsung region in Japan to conserving marine ecosystems in Hawaii, her integrated communications campaigns earned an Environment & Sustainability Shorty Social Good award and two Hospitality Sales & Marketing International Association Adrian awards. Founders and underdogs trust her intuitive approach in strategic planning, relationship-building and editorial pushing for maximum reach, conversion and impact. Producing and hosting international press trips, red carpet events, and media dining previews gifted her global opportunities to train with chefs, creative-direct shoots, and honor UNESCO heritage sites. With a vision of strengthening trust between multigenerational Americans and the public institutions that serve them, Flerine is motivated by international educational and cultural affairs. She stays focused on advancing arts and heritage stewardship in schools, museums, sacred sites, and public parks.

What She Brings to the Table

Caretaking and hospitality are in Flerine’s DNA, and evident in how she handles client service. Her binational, bicoastal, bilingual upbringing equips her deep vocabulary and multidimensional perspective. An artist at heart with a scientist’s hands, Flerine’s brain fires at all cylinders. Pulling from her toolkit sharpened with corporate precision, she turns big picture ideas into strategic campaigns and editorial angles into clickable headlines. Her favorite part of the biz is teaching. From mentoring minds to guiding teams, Flerine believes that unlocking a person’s full potential starts with enhancing their natural skillset, believing in their capabilities, and then enriching them with resources and opportunities to grow.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Anchored in purpose and mission driven, Flerine’s approach to daily decision-making is all about intergenerational healing. With the voices of her ancestors reminding her “we didn’t come this far just to get this far,” she continues to find inspiration in simple everyday actions that lead to lasting influence and impact for the next generation. Before parting ways for school, work, activities, etc., Flerine ritually recites a mantra with her husband and kids: “Be a good character. Make good decisions. Practice good karma.”

In Her Spare Time

Touring the globe singing and cooking over 30 years, Flerine carries dual-citizen passports stamped with 20+ countries. Flerine loves traveling, performing, and taking classes that deepen her practice and master her craft. Find Flerine improvising meals and melodies from the kitchen to the campfire. She loves participating in cultural events and exploring the outdoors with her family and animals.

Flerine holds a Master of Arts in Museology from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in Art History and Women’s Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.