Digital Marketing Manager

Avid communicator and natural-born marketer with a passion for, well, everything.

Where It All Started

Since a very young age, Craig has always loved to be around and communicate with people. He believes that sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas, passions, and time with others is the key to life.

In the Early Days

Craig studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland, where he combined his passions for writing and visual media. During the summers, though, he still made time to return to work at the overnight summer camp on Cape Cod where he spent his summers from elementary school through college.

Beginning in senior year, Craig began to transition from traditional journalism to the world of content and digital marketing. After spending time as a freelance video editor, he became a one-man digital marketing team at two youth programming organizations, most recently with the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer.

What He Brings to the Table

Craig has spent his career using digital marketing to connect parents with programs and activities for their children. He has a wealth of experience planning and executing multi-channel campaigns with paid social media, organic social media, paid search, email marketing, website management, and more.

What Gets Him Up in the Morning

FTK – For The Kids. Craig is a strong believer that the next generation will make the world a better place and knows education plays a huge role in helping make that happen.

In His Spare Time

Craig is based in Brooklyn, NY, where he likes to do fun things every day of the week: go to concerts, go to the movies, play soccer, or just hang with friends.