Communications Manager

Passionate about equity in education. Powerful storyteller. Social media fanatic.

Where It All Started

Ciera’s appreciation for excellent charter schools and school choice started early – her freshman year of high school to be exact.

As a student at High Tech High Chula Vista, Ciera discovered her passion for education reform while researching the broken teaching practices inside juvenile detention centers that were setting students up for failure upon release. As part of her senior project, Ciera helped to change the way incarcerated students learn by working with the San Diego County Office of Education to implement a revolutionary thematic, interdisciplinary project-based teaching model in local court and community schools.

In the Early Days

During the early days of her career, Ciera worked as Director of Publicity and Executive Producer for Beyond the Crossfire, a student-led full-length documentary film project addressing ways young people around the country were reducing violence in their communities. Her work on the project resulted in coverage from local, regional and national media across all mediums and raised over $50,000. The project was later recognized at the San Diego Latino Film Festival and the White House by the Obama administration. It was in these roles that Ciera discovered her love of telling powerful stories in a memorable and meaningful way to advocate for change.

What She Brings to the Table

At her core, Ciera is a storyteller with a love of crafting compelling narratives that are engaging across mediums. From social media to blogs to content marketing, she enjoys using digital platforms to share powerful stories and improve an organization’s visibility. Paired with her passion for education reform and appreciation for her charter school upbringing, Ciera is excited to bring her experience to the LC team!

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Believing that every student should have access to an exceptional education, regardless of where they live or their personal circumstances—and that doing her part can make this a reality.

In Her Spare Time

Ciera loves to travel and experience new places and cultures. Her favorite place to be is outside her comfort zone, so you can often find her climbing mountains, rafting down rivers, zip-lining across canyons and finding new adventures that (or to) scare her parents with.

Ciera earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication from Stanford University.