Vice President

Considers every angle. Sweats the details. Passionate about elevating voices.

Where It All Started

Angela’s love for a good story began in her early days when she would take a flashlight to bed and stay up far too late reading under the covers. An avid reader to this day, her love of stories led to her first post-college job in the marketing department at now-defunct Borders Books, where the best part of the job was access to the Free Book Room.

In the Early Days

From running a camp for children with disabilities to raising millions of dollars to open schools in the Chicago neighborhoods that need them most, Angela has made a career of supporting organizations that provide opportunities for young people. For the last decade, Angela has navigated Chicago’s complex social and political environment through her work with the Noble Network of Charter Schools, New Schools for Chicago and KIPP. At Noble, Angela’s external relations strategy supported the organization’s ability to double in size to become the largest charter school system in Chicago. It was during this time that Angela developed an appreciation for a good political battle and discovered how the power of authentic storytelling can change hearts and minds.

What She Brings to the Table

With over ten years of experience in communications, fundraising and advocacy, Angela has a knack for message development that resonates with target audiences, garners support, and shifts the public narrative. She’s an expert at helping anyone – from a parent to a teacher to a CEO – find his or her voice and become an effective spokesperson on behalf of an organization or cause. Her political instincts and calm head make her a go-to in navigating a crisis, and her on-the-ground experience gives her a unique understanding of how communications can help serve an organization’s broader objectives. A lifelong Midwesterner, Angela is excited about bringing the expertise of the Larson Communications crew to the middle of the country.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

An ultra-early morning person, Angela loves getting things done before most people’s alarms go off. As a granddaughter of immigrants and a first-generation college graduate, Angela has experienced how education can provide a pathway to choice and freedom. She is passionate about working with organizations that believe in every child’s unique value in the world and elevating the voices of those who are making meaningful change on behalf of our students.

In Her Spare Time

Never one to stay still for too long, Angela has run five marathons and makes it a goal to get out of the country at least a couple times per year. She’s an enthusiastic at-home chef and loves surprising people with how satisfying vegetarian food can be. When not traveling, she can be found around Chicago with her husband and toddler son, who has no problem finding his own voice.

Angela earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and gender studies from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in public administration from Indiana University.