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Larson Team.

“The counsel and feedback on our key messages has been invaluable. It's transformed the messages we share and, in turn, the way we're able to highlight stories in the media and see a shift in the external narrative when we talk with our stakeholders. Helping us be more cohesive and clear has helped us tell more compelling stories overall - thank you!”

Allison Holton, TFA Bay Area

"Gary Larson is a public relations genius. His efforts are mainly responsible for putting the California Charter Schools Association and quality California charter public schools on the map! I recommend him with the utmost of enthusiasm!"

Diane Tavenner, founder of Summit Public Schools

"With Gary Larson spearheading public relations, the charter school movement has made great positive strides in making the public more aware of the benefits of parental choice in public schools. Gary has effectively demonstrated the importance of a clear message based on supportable facts. This enabled him to get the word out supporting charter schools as a quality education alternative in public education.”

Gene Fisher, founder of Watts Learning Center

“There’s public relations and there is education reform. The two usually exist on different planets. But Gary and his team are the only ones I can think of who can cover both worlds as easily and effectively as they do. Whether it is managing a crisis, planning a strategic hit or explaining why the education reform work matters, it doesn’t feel like you are working with outsiders when you work with Larson Communications. They are education reformers who know how to get a message out there.”

Joe Williams, former Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform

“The Larson team has been a great thought partner in helping us guide the charter school sector’s efforts to drive positive public awareness of the good work that we do. They not only provide great ideas and solid strategic counsel, but they successfully execute on them. They know how to get the right type of visibility that helps the National Alliance advance our cause. They’re responsive, work well under pressure, and their knowledge and experience allow them to deliver like no one else. They’re also passionate believers in quality and choice, they operate with the utmost integrity and they’re also very fun to work with! They are key players in helping us expand the reform movement.”

Nina Rees, CEO, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

“We love working with the LC team, and they have helped our organization with so many different aspects of our work—messaging framework, onboarding training, executive thought leadership, school partnerships communication, strategic partner promotion, and the list goes on! We're so grateful to have the LC team working with us as the organization navigates our current leadership transition. We appreciate the thoughtful reviews and edits, well-facilitated meetings, and creative drafting of original content. We value your thoughtful suggestions on social media and messaging strategy and look to the LC team for best practices in crisis communications, media pitches, and monitoring. There are a few small pieces of feedback captured below that we think would improve our work together and get us to a higher score.”

Rachel Dougherty, CharterSAFE

“Larson is the best at what they do because they are not only expert public relations professionals but they are also deeply knowledgeable about education policy. They have spent years cultivating trust and credibility with the news media, and they are highly adept at framing an issue in a manner that gets visibility. More importantly, for a public relations firm, they have the courage to talk straight. The Larson team members are passionate believers in the charter school movement and in education reform. They have the honesty and the integrity to help us guide the charter school movement for long-term success.”

Jed Wallace, President and CEO, California Charter Schools Association

“The Larson team has been a vital part of Citizens of the World. Larson spent time getting to know us as an organization, helped craft our story, and then worked with us to share our story publicly. Larson Communications offers such a wide range of supports, evolving alongside our needs as we have grown. We remain grateful to have a trusted, reliable partner in Larson.”

Kriste Dragon, CEO and Co-Founder, Citizens of the World

“Larson Communications has played a key role in enabling our organization to strategically grow our reach and better tell our story to target audiences. Their knowledge of the K-12 education landscape, combined with their breadth of supports and national reach, has been extremely valuable in our work together.”

Anne McCarley, Chief External Affairs Officer, Relay Graduate School of Education

"Larson Communications knows the difference between spreading the good news and crisis management so that our schools can shine at their best. They have helped in immeasurable ways to advance the mission of charter schools and to ensure that the public understands why they are so important. They have been brilliant at placing the right stories in the press and effective at putting out fires. Press relations, social media, stakeholder development and brand management — all with a focus on integrity and putting kids first.”

Caprice Young, CEO of Magnolia Public Schools, founding CEO of the California Charter Schools Association

“Larson Communications has been an essential part of the Aspire team since we first began working together. They listen to our needs and execute effective public relations campaigns with an uncanny understanding of our audiences, key message points and mission. Larson Communications is not just a vendor, but a partner, and is clearly invested in our staff, schools and students, which has certainly been a key driver in the success of our communications goals.”

James Willcox, former CEO, Aspire Public Schools

“NACSA has worked closely with Larson Communications in a number of states. Among communications firms, I have found their knowledge of charter sector issues to be unsurpassed. They are strong strategic thinkers and the quality and timeliness of their work is excellent. Importantly, they are also committed to the quality and success of the charter sector. They are not just a consultant for hire for NACSA, they are a partner that helps us achieve our goals.”

Greg Richmond, CEO, National Association of Charter School Authorizers

"From the beginning of our work together, the Larson Communications team has felt like an extension of our own. Deeply knowledgeable about the education space, they've been a thought partner for us from day one, and can always be counted on for thoughtful analysis and execution of our public relations efforts. As thorough, highly skilled writers and communicators, we know that we can trust what the Larson team produces, even on tight deadlines. They're an essential part of our overall marketing strategy."

Eric Westendorf, CEO and Co-Founder of LearnZillion

“Many years of consistent outstanding, timely, appropriate support doing whatever is necessary to ensure that things go well in emergency situations and that we leverage every opportunity possible to build PR and media equity… Many years of outstanding service with Larson never letting us down and always being there for us… I do not have additional feedback other than a huge THANK YOU to the entire Larson team!”

Jacqueline Elliot, PUC