Larson Communications is the only strategic communications firm in the nation specializing in public education reform.


We work with education leaders and organizations across the country, including public school systems, charter school networks, education technology organizations, advocacy and research groups, and higher education institutions. Many of our clients are particularly focused on improving education for students in underserved communities.


We raise our clients’ visibility, strengthen their narratives, and work closely with them to plan and execute communications campaigns that inspire their communities, so that they can have the greatest possible impact on students’ lives.


Larson Communications was founded by Gary Larson in 2007 after he built a career shaping the positive narrative that charter schools are part of the solution towards improving public education. With the goal of serving the best organizations offering real and impactful solutions for students, parents and teachers, Gary founded the only communications organization in the nation to specialize in education reform, Larson Communications.


Our team brings decades of experience in education reform communications, which includes strategic positioning, public relations, storytelling, crisis communications and public advocacy.


Framing Your Story: Public Relations
Drawing on our deep knowledge of the education landscape and long-standing relationships with reporters throughout the nation, Larson Communications is the best in the business at framing an organization’s story so that key audiences listen and act. From comprehensive strategic communications plans to national and multi-state campaigns, we have the right tools and experts to get results. See how we’ve helped Summit Public School build their brand through effective public relations.


Sparking the Conversation: Increased Visibility
Education reform is a crowded playing field. Larson Communications knows how to find the unique angle that sets organizations apart, helping to make them a household name. See how we’ve helped Aspire Public Schools increase their visibility over time.


Influencing the Dialogue: Public Advocacy
At the intersection of strategic communications and government relations lies public policy. From advocacy communications to legislative policy guidance, Larson Communications helps build the case for lasting change in education policy that is good for students and families. See how we’ve helped National Alliance drive an impactful campaign.


Changing the Narrative: Crisis Management
Facing an external crisis at some point is an inevitability, but knowing how to handle it smoothly isn’t. Larson Communications helps organizations put a plan in place before a crisis hits, and manages emerging issues with transparency and clarity to help them tell their story on their own terms. See how we’ve helped Citizens of the World change their narrative.


Communicating Your Mission: Strategic Positioning
Through strategic positioning, organizations frame their work in the most impactful way. Larson Communications works with leading organizations to solidify their brand, elevate their work and reach new audiences. See how we’ve helped Ed Trust—West amplify their work through strategic positioning.