Why LearnZillion Came to Us: LearnZillion is modernizing instruction by making technology more accessible in the classroom. They combine the expertise of teachers with the power of technology to provide the curriculum and support needed to engage every student. Teacher led and teacher guided, LearnZillion’s content is constantly updated so that teachers can update their instruction in real time. LearnZillion had been successfully doing great work when they came to Larson Communications, but they wanted to expand their work into new schools by showing the value that early adopters were already experiencing.


Our LearnZillion: We set out to amplify the message that it’s working and that other school systems are adopting this model successfully. We set the goal of bringing focus to how and when they tell their story, and to whom. With proactive and strategic storytelling, we were able to highlight their impact and get other school districts interested. We helped LearnZillion focus their message on igniting teacher buy-in, so that the growth would happen more organically. Our goal was to getting new schools to follow the lead and adopt the platform.