Expanding a Unique Approach to Teacher Preparation by Amplifying Stories of Success

Proactive Strategic Storytelling


Why Relay Came to Us: Relay Graduate School of Education is revolutionizing how aspiring teachers are prepared to be more effective by allowing them to refine their practice with faculty and peers until they’re ready to perform with confidence in the classroom. With a national need for a strong, diverse teacher workforce, Relay’s approach is in demand. As it grew, Relay wanted to take control of its brand, introduce its work to new regions but also more broadly to those within education. Relay knew that its ability to have greater impact in more regions would be directly tied to how strongly its work is understood and how well its external brand is perceived. In short, Relay knew it needed to define itself on its own terms.


Our Strategy for Relay: We focused on developing a strategic communications plan designed to help Relay proactively share its work more broadly. The goal was to ensure that Relay is accurately understood and recognized for its work. They needed to develop an ongoing communications cadence that effectively communicated who they are and what they do. We helped support relationships with partners in new regions by introducing Relay in new communities but were also a strategic thought partner in all other aspects of launching a new campus. Together, we have helped grow the positive understanding of Relay’s work.

Why It’s Worth Talking About


Today, Relay has 14 campuses nationwide and also works with principals and principal supervisors from 24 states and the District of Columbia. Through greater community support and understanding, Relay recently welcomed its largest class of prospective and current teachers as well as school leaders. The opportunities for growth are only multiplying as the understanding of Relay’s success grows. We are continuing to bring greater awareness and understanding of Relay’s model through the clear narrative that we helped develop. This has happened by expanding key relationships with reporters in the communities Relay serves, which led to several prominent news features, including stories in National Public Radio, The Denver Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Education Week, The Hechinger Report and Chalkbeat. Many of these news stories included the human interest stories of Relay’s residents who shared Relay’s impact on their career trajectory but also the positive impact these teachers are having with their students.