Senior Account Executive

Expert writer. Go to for talking points. Never runs out of things to say.

Where It All Started

Ali pitched her first media campaign at the age of 12 when she received the third Harry Potter book one day early due to a fluke in Barnes & Noble’s shipping system. She immediately called local TV stations to tell them the news and within minutes news trucks were at her house interviewing her about her good fortune. Ali’s first media campaign landed her at the top of the hour on the ten o’clock news, setting the bar early on for her standard of success.

In the Early Days

Ali has a background as a journalist, and a crisis management and public affairs expert. She has successfully helped organizations gain widespread support in challenging situations. As a journalist, Ali covered education and city and county politics in New Mexico. She authored a column on education where she discussed unique approaches and programs at local schools. Through her work in New Mexico, Washington, D.C., New York and San Francisco, she has developed and implemented robust communications programs aimed at changing long-held beliefs and policies for the better. This has included developing a comprehensive crisis communications plan for a major hospital, spearheading a public affairs campaign that successfully changed state law and securing a number of favorable stories and editorials on behalf of the organizations she has represented.

What She Brings to the Table

As Senior Account Executive, Ali works closely with organizations to develop communications goals and strategies as well as execute proactive media campaigns that lead to greater, more impactful visibility. Ali is one of the team’s expert writers, and organizations consistently go to her for talking points, press releases, FAQs and other critical writing needs. Her expertise has secured placements in The Boston Globe, The Atlantic and other major media outlets.

What Gets Her Up in the Morning

Ali loves working with organizations that are making a difference for kids. Her passion lies in helping them tell their stories to encourage real change in the education sector. For example, while at Larson Communications, she has worked with a school network that created a teacher training program for alumni. Former students who had moved away and gone on to college were coming back to teach, connecting with students because they knew what they were going through while bringing more diversity to the teacher workforce. Ali worked closely with the school network to develop a narrative about the program, which landed them stories in The Hechinger Report and The Atlantic. This work underscored the importance of making change-makers’ voices heard and she looks forward to seeing this and similar programs grow and make a real impact.

In Her Spare Time

Ali has a passion for writing, and recently completed her first novel, Radio Underground, which follows the life of an underground journalist in Hungary during the Cold War. Ali is a published historical and pop culture writer with stories appearing in specialty magazines on John F. Kennedy and The Beatles. In addition to writing for pleasure, she also is passionate about biking and being outside to get her creativity flowing.


Ali graduated cum laude from U.C. Berkeley where she earned her B.A. in History.